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This Sick Trademarked Beat

I know. We ALL love Taylor Swift. Whether you really love her or you love to hate her, the truth is what she does in media and music gets attention. And, I love when stuff like this happens. My Twitter feed and phone blew up yesterday when the news story was released that Taylor had, … Continue reading

More than a Shaker of Salt

A fellow lawyer friend who just might love music as much as I do (the jury is still out on whether that is true or not 🙂), shared with me an article about the song Margaritaville. The basis is that the song is quite possibly the most lucrative song in existence. The article went onto … Continue reading

Should I Register My Trademark?

Do you need to register a trademark with the United States Trademark Office to protect the name of your film company, band name, record label or clothing logo? The phrase trademark has worked its way into the general discourse of American culture to mean anything from a brand to a name to a logo.  Technically … Continue reading