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What are Photographer’s Rights in Celebrity Photos?

Taylor Swift once again made headlines this week related to music royalties.  Earlier this week, Taylor penned a letter to Apple explaining why offering their new music service free for 3 months hurts musicians.  She encouraged Apple to rethink this policy. Surprisingly, they did. Shortly after Swift’s blog post, read HERE, Apple responded saying that … Continue reading

Etched Within Flesh – Inking Copyright

Last night saw the start of The Hubs’s favorite time of year – football season. With football season also comes the release of this year’s Madden NFL® video game. As NPR reported earlier this week, HERE, the video game will have at least one more realistic element. For the first time, the game will feature … Continue reading

The Selfie Felt Around the World

Readers, you are in luck! This week there were two relevant stories, and it was hard for me to pick just one. They are both just yummy topics. You get the bonus of a double installment this week. Tomorrow’s discussion will center on this past week’s Saturday Night Live Disney themed opening number and later … Continue reading

Making Money from Your Smartphone

We have all heard the saying about a photo being worth a thousand words. What if that same photo was worth $1,000 or $4,000 or maybe more? I am talking actual dollars payable to you. The creators of the new app Foap created a stock photo royalty free platform to take smartphone photos, captured by … Continue reading

Imagine Lennon Endorsing a Business

Imagine Lennon Endorsing a Business

I am just going to say it.  In case you had any doubt at all, it is not okay to use a celebrity’s image to endorse your product or business without permission.  Also, it is not okay to use someone else’s copyrighted work (in this post a photo) in your advertisement for your business. Sigh! Okay; we got that out of … Continue reading