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Top 10 Countdown of 2014

Top 10 Countdown of 2014

My long time readers and friends know this girl loves a countdown show.  So, why should my blog be any different? This year, visitors from 88 countries visited this site! Some found their way by Twitter others from searching for United States copyright and trademark law.  I continue to be blown away by the sharing and input you … Continue reading

NFL Parody or Copyright Infringement?

I am all about sharing ideas, borrowing from other concepts to create something new or winking at something inspirational to your own work. All of that is okay and is actually encouraged by the Copyright Act under the fair use defense, the idea of derivative works and the idea of transformative works. However, copying of copyrightable … Continue reading

Etched Within Flesh – Inking Copyright

Last night saw the start of The Hubs’s favorite time of year – football season. With football season also comes the release of this year’s Madden NFL® video game. As NPR reported earlier this week, HERE, the video game will have at least one more realistic element. For the first time, the game will feature … Continue reading

What’s So Super About the Super Bowl®?

I know it’s weird. Me – me of all people – writing a post about football. When it comes to trademarks, I’m willing to get in the game and talk a bit of sports chatter. What is so super about the Super Bowl® trademark? If you are the National Football League – quite a lot. … Continue reading