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To Win a Mockingbird Lawsuit

To Win a Mockingbird Lawsuit

Several months ago I wrote about a southern tale gone awry.  The villain was the Monroe County Heritage Museum and the victim was Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird.  You can read the tale about the Monroe County Heritage Museum opposing Ms. Lee’s claim to the trademark registration in the phrase To Kill … Continue reading

Happy Day for Good Morning To You Prods.

You probably heard that a lawsuit was filed last week to declare the song Happy Birthday part of the public domain. This would allow the song to be free for public consumption without paying fees to any rights holder or seeking any type of permission. The song first appeared “sometime before 1893” and to think … Continue reading

Hollywood Celebrities in Books

Author writes book. Book gets picked up by a publisher. Now, author needs a publicity team to get the word out about the book. If said author is really lucky they get to work with Julie Schoerke and the team at JKS Communications. Over a long chat about books we love, authors and favorite cities, … Continue reading