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Feature Friday – Alex Warren and SEQUENCE

Feature Friday – Alex Warren and SEQUENCE

I love the film community that is steadily growing in Mississippi.  Thanks to the work by the Mississippi Film Office, there is a continuous stream of films (with a budget and well-known actors!) being filmed in and around the Magnolia state.  This growth also leads to more opportunities for up and coming filmmakers, like my … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Licensing Film Content

You’ve finally done it.  You have financed, filmed and are busy finalizing your first independent film.  Congratulations! All that is left for you to do is finish the edit, license these few pesky photos and music and color correct. Then, you’ll be on your way next year to the Academy Awards.  Before you start writing … Continue reading

How to “Cut” It In the Music Industry

I found myself at a Bryan Adams acoustic concert this past week. I know what you’re thinking. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Bryan Adams? That’s the one.  Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams? Yes. The Bryan Adams that Cuts Like a Knife? Yep – all one in the same and an enjoyable Sunday night. Throughout the … Continue reading