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Copyright Razzle Dazzle

You know those people you meet and almost instantly just know that they’re going to set the world on fire?  That’s how I felt when I first met Laura Oldham.  She is an incredible singer with movie star beauty, funny, smart and an overall fantastic spirit.  I could not be more happy to witness her … Continue reading

My Secret Recipe

My Secret Recipe

Imagine a few weeks before Christmastime in the Duffie house – twinkling lights on the tree, the females start meticulously planning and coordinating the meals to celebrate this season and somewhere daddy T.D. is making more than one trip a week to Sam’s Club. There is not just one meal during the holiday season. Oh … Continue reading

It’s ALIVE! It’s ALIVE! – Mummifying Copyright Law

Did you know that separate from a book, play or movie characters in those creative pieces can also receive copyright protection? It’s true. One of the early cases defining this idea is Nichols v. Universal Pictures Corp in 1930. Judge Learned Hand recognized that characters could receive copyright protection; however, he did so with something … Continue reading

Government Shutdown and Copyright

Late on Monday afternoon September 30, the Copyright Office released the results of a study that was two-years in the making.  The report deals with the idea of establishing an alternative system for settling smallish copyright disputes outside of filing in federal court.  Y’all know my inner copyright diva did some backflips over this news when … Continue reading

Copyright Law – A Dream or A Nightmare?

  I’ve been thinking a lot about big dreams lately. Every great idea, invention, story or plan starts with a dream and the vision to accomplish that dream. I personally think that a dream is one of the most powerful things in the universe because all else stems from that one creative spark. I guess … Continue reading

Show Some Southern Hospitality, Mr. Faulkner

Show Some Southern Hospitality, Mr. Faulkner

With all the negative press that surrounds southern states, in particular Mississippi, it’s nice when Mississippi gets something right. Mississippi got it right last week by dismissing the Faulkner Literary Rights v. Sony Pictures case. While the state of Mississippi grows world class talent (B.B. King, Elvis, John Grisham, Jim Henson and Oprah – just … Continue reading

Copyright Policy and YouTube

Sometimes there is NO better way to get your point across than by using puppets. As I mentioned in my post last week, I love YouTube. It’s a great vehicle to get your message and content out to the masses. Some of the most frequent questions I receive deal with posting creative content on YouTube. … Continue reading