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Disney Explaining Copyright Law this Christmas

Disney Explaining Copyright Law this Christmas

Imagine if you will – one of the greatest actors of our time playing one of the world’s most iconic creative figures coupled with the subject matter of the film centering around copyright law.  With all of those elements combined, you would have the mix for pretty much a perfect movie custom tailored to all … Continue reading

To Kill a Trademark Registration

    Find me a southern lawyer that says she was not influenced by Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, and I’ll show you a lawyer that does not bill for her time. I have enthusiastically devoured the book many times throughout the years. As a girl, I related to mischievous Scout enacting plays … Continue reading

FREE Music Licensing for Film

Nothing quite takes a film to that next level like great music. Last week GRAMMY® winning artist Moby announced the re-launch of Moby Gratis. The site will function to seamlessly license Moby’s music to independent filmmakers, student projects and non-profit film productions. Click on the video below for details from Moby himself. This is great … Continue reading

Happy Day for Good Morning To You Prods.

You probably heard that a lawsuit was filed last week to declare the song Happy Birthday part of the public domain. This would allow the song to be free for public consumption without paying fees to any rights holder or seeking any type of permission. The song first appeared “sometime before 1893” and to think … Continue reading