Why the Name?

Why the name Statute of RyAnne? First off, my name is Ryanne – Ryanne Duffie Saucier, to be exact. Second, I figured if I was going to have a legal blog that it should at least sound a little legal.   Third, the first known copyright statute was titled the Statute of Anne.

Imagine England pre-1710, authors had no rights in the time, effort and attention they gave to creating works. Anyone could take and use freely from the likes of Chaucer, Shakespeare and Sir Thomas Malory. Queen Anne, along with Parliament, passed an act that became the first English statute confirming copyright and affording protection to authors. The statute became known as the Statute of Anne. “An Act for the Encouragement of Learning.”  What a bold and brave step towards recognizing the value that creators of creative works give to society!

May this blog serve as a tool for learning, enlightening and taking bold steps towards making a difference for creative works – much like Queen Anne and the Statute of Anne.

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