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This blog is neither legal advice nor advertising. It does not create or extend an attorney-client relationship by virtue of reading, commenting, sharing or participating. Information posted here may omit or incompletely explain details that are important in a particular situation, and may have been superseded by later events. Do not act (or refrain from acting) based on the contents of this blog. Consult an attorney for individual advice on your personal situation.

I appreciate, encourage and respond to most comments.  I reserve the right to edit or delete disrespectful comments, SPAM, or personal attacks on myself or other blog participants.  Any links provided by me are a courtesy only and only for entertainment and/or education.  I do not generate any revenue from this blog. I provide links to original work(s) or link(s) to purchase material.  However, if you are the original work’s owner and would prefer it removed or edited, please contact me via the Stay In Touch page.

Finally, I will often reference film studios, record labels, magazines, awards, celebrities, products and broadcasting entities. Reference to those entities are simply my opinion. A reference to any of the previously mentioned entities is in no way an endorsement by those entities of my blog or an endorsement of my opinions expressed on this page.

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