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To Kill a Trademark Registration

    Find me a southern lawyer that says she was not influenced by Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, and I’ll show you a lawyer that does not bill for her time. I have enthusiastically devoured the book many times throughout the years. As a girl, I related to mischievous Scout enacting plays … Continue reading

Copyright Law – A Dream or A Nightmare?

  I’ve been thinking a lot about big dreams lately. Every great idea, invention, story or plan starts with a dream and the vision to accomplish that dream. I personally think that a dream is one of the most powerful things in the universe because all else stems from that one creative spark. I guess … Continue reading

How to Buy Film Rights

One of my readers wrote in and wanting to know more about Option Agreements.  And, since I am always taking requests, the subject of today’s post centers around the Option Agreement for the film world. An option agreement is exactly what it sounds like.  In plain terms, the option period is the film business’s version … Continue reading

Show Some Southern Hospitality, Mr. Faulkner

Show Some Southern Hospitality, Mr. Faulkner

With all the negative press that surrounds southern states, in particular Mississippi, it’s nice when Mississippi gets something right. Mississippi got it right last week by dismissing the Faulkner Literary Rights v. Sony Pictures case. While the state of Mississippi grows world class talent (B.B. King, Elvis, John Grisham, Jim Henson and Oprah – just … Continue reading

Hollywood Celebrities in Books

Author writes book. Book gets picked up by a publisher. Now, author needs a publicity team to get the word out about the book. If said author is really lucky they get to work with Julie Schoerke and the team at JKS Communications. Over a long chat about books we love, authors and favorite cities, … Continue reading