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This Sick Trademarked Beat

I know. We ALL love Taylor Swift. Whether you really love her or you love to hate her, the truth is what she does in media and music gets attention. And, I love when stuff like this happens. My Twitter feed and phone blew up yesterday when the news story was released that Taylor had, … Continue reading

How to Find & Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney

How to Find & Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney

Each year the National Association of Broadcasters selects a small group of people to take part in their year-long Broadcast Leadership Training program. Participants travel to Washington D.C. one weekend a month for a year to learn the ins and outs of media management and ownership. Topics include everything from engineering to valuing properties to … Continue reading

Grooveshark Lost The Groove

Earlier this week, music service Grooveshark lost the groove.  And, by lost the groove – I mean found itself in the sixth circle of hell I like to call Copyright Infringement Land.  A federal judge in New York ruled the online music service infringed upon thousands of copyrights. Grooveshark came before online streaming services, such as Spotify.  … Continue reading

Traveling the Roadways of Sweet Home Licensing

The state of Alabama announced a few weeks ago that all official signs coming into the state will receive a makeover. The longtime phrase “Alabama the Beautiful” will be replaced with “Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama.”  An article earlier this week, HERE, reported, the state of Alabama will pay $75,000 as a licensing fee for use … Continue reading

Words & Spelling Count in Copyright

Sometimes you read something so spot on that it must be shared.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say they wanted to “trademark” their song or get a “copyright” on their business name or that they do not need to license a photograph because it is “fair use,” I would be … Continue reading

All I Am Saying is Give Girls a Chance

The screens were big. The stars were glamorous. The stories were outrageous. My childhood was a place where frogs could talk and sing, pixie dust could solve most any problem (including gravity) and if I could dream it, then I could do it. Before it was hip to instill self-esteem, my parents were leading the … Continue reading

Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll and … Lawsuits?

A law professor of mine famously (or, infamously if you know who I’m talking about J) use to say “Everyone is friends until they are not” or “It’s not a problem until it is.” I always thought these phrases were really silly and served only as his way of explaining concepts, until I realized there … Continue reading

How to Host an Intellectual Property Celebration!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Next week is packed full of intellectual property milestones, including a U.S. Supreme Court argument, World IP Day and a milestone for me! It’s pretty much my inner-nerd’s Christmas morning, birthday and Spring Break all rolled into one. First, there will be a U.S. Supreme … Continue reading

And The GRAMMY® Goes To …

And The GRAMMY® Goes To …

The National Championship game for college football – Which team is playing, again? The yearly rivalry game for a favorite college sports team – yawn.  Super Bowl – let’s be honest, this media loving gal is watching it for the commercials.  It’s true.  I’m an anomaly when it comes to sports.  Unlike most southern ladies, … Continue reading