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A Halloween Copyright Horror Story

What’s the one thing that can send chills down the spine of any copyright attorney? A $5 million judgment against your client for a music copyright case. This past week, the video depositions of Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke were released for public consumption.  The case represents the reason why you do not want to … Continue reading

Returning to My Radio Roots

Imagine it if you can – a six-year old brunette little girl with a heavy southern accent, dressed up in all the frills and red taffeta her mother could find taking part in her very first beauty pageant and answering her very first question on stage.  I remember being so very scared to talk in the … Continue reading

Taylor Swift’s Not So Bad Blood with Ryan Adams

We are finally starting to see a few glimpses of fall here in Mississippi, by way of the changing leaves and cooler temperatures in the morning. Fall means gourds, colorful leaves, and holiday cornucopias. This past week brought to mind several copyright issues – a cornucopia of copyright. My social media feeds have billowed news … Continue reading

The Eye of Music Copyright Law

The Eye of Music Copyright Law

There is this urban myth I hear all the time.  “If I just “use a few seconds” of a song then it is fair use, and I do not need a license.”  I deliberately chose the word “myth” because it is just that – a myth.  As a very general rule, most use of music requires … Continue reading

Trusting Your Music Copyright Case to a Jury

I know you all heard about the $7.4 million verdict for the Marvin Gaye family over the popular tune “Blurred Lines” penned by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. The story has been everywhere – on the morning news, in the newspapers, in the Twitter feeds and all over Facebook. Here is a mash-up someone put … Continue reading