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Returning to My Radio Roots

Imagine it if you can – a six-year old brunette little girl with a heavy southern accent, dressed up in all the frills and red taffeta her mother could find taking part in her very first beauty pageant and answering her very first question on stage.  I remember being so very scared to talk in the … Continue reading

Taylor Swift’s Not So Bad Blood with Ryan Adams

We are finally starting to see a few glimpses of fall here in Mississippi, by way of the changing leaves and cooler temperatures in the morning. Fall means gourds, colorful leaves, and holiday cornucopias. This past week brought to mind several copyright issues – a cornucopia of copyright. My social media feeds have billowed news … Continue reading

The Trademark of Friendship

Southern girls are known for many things. Big hair, impeccable manners, and the ability to pull together a shower, tea, tailgate or dinner party at a moment’s notice, complete with delicious food and sweet tea. We also know the proper times when “Bless your heart” is a genuine statement of concern and when it is … Continue reading

The Electronic Superhighway of Copyright Law

The Electronic Superhighway of Copyright Law

Much like the Dolby Surround Sound demonstration before a movie in a theater, when you practice in the field of copyright and trademark law, you soon realize copyright law and trademark law is “all around.” The Hubs and I decided to visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum while in Washington, D.C. My biggest takeaway was … Continue reading

Copyright Basics in a Video Short

Copyright Basics in a Video Short

YouTube is really great.  It has the ability to succinctly educate on all kinds of topics using the medium of film, which you know I love.  Because some of us do not learn by words, I am constantly on the hunt for great video content. This past week, I ran across the Crash Course series on … Continue reading

Copyright Law In The Classroom – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I started discussing the very interesting question of the use of resources in the classroom subject to protection under copyright and trademark law. I thought it was interesting because one of the common urban myths I hear all the time is that if the materials are being used to educate, then fair … Continue reading

Copyright Law in the Classroom – Part 1

It is so interesting to see how copyright law now touches some aspect in many careers. Recently, my longtime friend, college roommate and now turned art teacher reached out to me with questions about copyright law. She wanted to educate her students and fellow art teachers not only on art, but the legal aspects as … Continue reading

A Facebook New Year’s Resolution

A Facebook New Year’s Resolution

I have a resolution for you that will be easy to keep. I’ll give you a hint. You can spend a lot of time with it. It shows up about every 4 to 6 weeks. You always preface your actions by saying “better safe than sorry” or “I wasn’t sure, so I want to be … Continue reading