Returning to My Radio Roots

Imagine it if you can – a six-year old brunette little girl with a heavy southern accent, dressed up in all the frills and red taffeta her mother could find taking part in her very first beauty pageant and answering her very first question on stage.  I remember being so very scared to talk in the microphone on stage, under bright lights and in front of ALL of those adults.  Relief quickly took over fear when the question asked to me was one I knew cold.

“Ryanne, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Without missing a beat, six year old Ryanne announced to every person in the auditorium I wanted to work at my Daddy’s radio station and help share music.  Not much ever changed.  I was so fortunate to start working there officially when I turned 15 and unofficially helping out the family business many years before.  The law part was added later on, but in a lot of ways I have always known my true north and my purpose.

You can imagine my excitement when the producers of the radio show In Legal Terms, aired statewide on Mississippi Public Broadcasting, asked if I would be the guest for the whole hour to talk about copyright and trademark law.  Yes, please!  It is always fun to return to your first loves.

We had callers.  There were questions. I had a lot of fun.  The post this week is in audio version thanks to the radio show.

If you were not able to hear the show live, here is your opportunity.  Click on the link below to listen to the entire broadcast and Stay Tuned In!

In Legal Terms via Mississippi Public Broadcasting – September 2015 

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