ReBlog – NFL Parody or Copyright Infringement?

The House of Saucier is in gear getting ready for football season.  There are meals to plan, snacks to purchase and games to watch.  For The Hubs, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

I was hopeful this example of potential copyright infringement with the NFL had gone away. I guess I was too optimistic.  This past week, while watching a pre-season game, the local commercial has resurfaced which plays off the NFL’s Monday Night Football theme, employs a blonde who looks similar to Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood, and the ad is placed within an NFL game.

In light of this recent advertisement, I thought I would share again my post NFL Parody or Copyright Infringement? for my new readers and a review for others.

Here is the commercial in question in my post.  Read, Comment and Stay Tuned In!



Read my take HERE.

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