Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law for 2015, So Far …

Can you believe the year is half way over? It seems like one day I was bundling up wondering if the winter would ever end, and today I’m getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July.  The post this week is a look back over the hot topics and posts you, my readers, have found most interesting this year.  Since some you are already starting to celebrate The Hubs’s favorite holiday and 2015 is halfway over, I figured a look back would be fun in case there were some posts you missed, or you might want to re-read a favorite.

When The Hubs and I started dating, he informed me the Fourth of July was his favorite holiday.  I remember thinking how unique his choice was because I had never heard anyone say that before.  Most people pick out the usual suspects, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah or Thanksgiving.  If they want to be really quirky, a person might say Halloween.  But, until him, I had never heard anyone say the Fourth of July was their favorite holiday.

His reasoning, which I cannot find an argument against, is pretty solid.  There is no obligation to buy a gift for anyone; therefore, no extra spending.  It is not celebrated too early so that you are tired of it by the time the actual day comes. You can choose to spend it with family, friends, co-workers, a lot of people, few people or no people without criticism, judgment or guilt.  Plus, it’s perfectly acceptable and expected to have a beer while watching fireworks or blowing up your own celebration.  No judging looks from Crazy Cat Lady Aunt for having an adult beverage.

Y’all now see why I had to marry him, right? He’s probably the most rational, fun and smart person I know! In honor, of Dan’s favorite holiday, here are the Top 5 Blog Posts for 2015 that sparked, thus far, the most readership.

5.   A Love Letter to the National Association of Broadcasters

This post celebrates my experience in the Broadcast Leadership Training program hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters.  It makes me so happy it is the 5th most viewed post.  Lots of pictures, lots of great memories and states the importance of this organization to the creative conversation.

4.  Trusting Your Music Copyright Case to a Jury

The biggest song of Summer 2013 was Blurred Lines. Earlier this year, saw a copyright music decision to rock the world of every music producer and entertainment attorney.  My take on the decision can be found in this post.

3. Why Reviving Colonel Sanders Was Legally Necessary

“I’m baaaaccck baby!,” he states while donning is signature white suit and the chicken that is “finger lickin’ good.” Colonel Sanders’s revival not only is a clever throwback to marketing, but was also a legal necessity.  Read more to find out why Kentucky Fried Chicken was legally obligated to revive Colonel Sanders.

2.  To Judge a Book By Its Lawyer

The world rejoiced when earlier this year it was announced Harper Lee would release a new book titled Go Set a Watchman, which is a follow-up to, and only the second book released by the author, To Kill a Mockingbird. Almost as quickly as the announcement was made, skeptics started coming out of the woodwork doubting the validity of the novel. I take a look and discuss the legal posturing related to Harper Lee’s trademark that she started putting in place nearly 3 years before the announcement of the new book.  Just a reminder it is set for release in a few weeks on July 14! This Alabama gal is SO excited.

And now to the number one read post this year so far  …

1.   A Facebook New Year’s Resolution

It makes me SO happy this is the most viewed post on the blog for 2015! If you are wondering how Facebook can use your created intellectual property, like photos and videos, then this post is for you.  This post also addresses the question about whether you posting a status stating you own all of your content will make a difference in how Facebook uses your created content.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing this year! Your input is why I keep writing on “the little nerd blog that could.”  What has been your favorite post this year that did not make the Top 5?  Take part in the Comments section below and Stay Tuned In!

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One thought on “Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law for 2015, So Far …

  1. Reblogged this on William Tennant LLC and commented:
    Excellent recap on the events so far in Intellectual Property Law. Particularly of interest in the Blurred Lines copyright litigation. This a particularly appropriate time to remember our Founding Fathers who provided The Constitutional authority for IP protection.

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the United States Constitution grants Congress the power “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.” Because this clause is the source of Congress’ power to enact legislation governing copyrights and patents, it is often referred to as the “patent and copyright clause.”

    Enjoy wonder 4th of July Holiday.

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