Copyright Basics in a Video Short

YouTube is really great.  It has the ability to succinctly educate on all kinds of topics using the medium of film, which you know I love.  Because some of us do not learn by words, I am constantly on the hunt for great video content.

This past week, I ran across the Crash Course series on YouTube which takes complex topics, like copyright and trademark law, and boils it down in around 10 minutes.  While the videos are great, I must offer the disclaimer that copyright and trademark law are highly technical areas and fact specific.  This video is not going to tell you every nuance and detail.  Nor, is it a substitute for actual legal advice from a lawyer hired by you and who is looking out for your best interests.  Therefore, do not rely on this video when making your copyright decisions.  Let’s make smart decisions people and not simply Google an answer found on YouTube.  You get what you pay for.

This particular video offers a nice overview of copyright law.  It even mentions the Statute of Anne, the inspiration for the name and reasoning behind this blog name!  Can we talk about when am I going to get my own video series on nerdy copyright stuff?  This one video already has over 3 million views in a few short weeks.  Surely, at least a few people would want to watch? I’m off to work more on this idea.

Watch the video, take part in the Comments section below and Stay Tuned In!

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