Posted in March 2015

Growing the Economy in Mississippi’s Creative Economy

Growing the Economy in Mississippi’s Creative Economy

The creative economy should not be about simply adding to the body of creative work, but should truly be a discussion on how creativity adds to an overall economy. Without the intellectual property component the “economy” part of creative economy will grow slowly and never contribute significantly to the bottom line overall. Intellectual property is YOUR fortune, but it is also a state’s economic fortune. Continue reading

Copyright Law In The Classroom – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I started discussing the very interesting question of the use of resources in the classroom subject to protection under copyright and trademark law. I thought it was interesting because one of the common urban myths I hear all the time is that if the materials are being used to educate, then fair … Continue reading

Trusting Your Music Copyright Case to a Jury

I know you all heard about the $7.4 million verdict for the Marvin Gaye family over the popular tune “Blurred Lines” penned by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. The story has been everywhere – on the morning news, in the newspapers, in the Twitter feeds and all over Facebook. Here is a mash-up someone put … Continue reading

Copyright Law in the Classroom – Part 1

It is so interesting to see how copyright law now touches some aspect in many careers. Recently, my longtime friend, college roommate and now turned art teacher reached out to me with questions about copyright law. She wanted to educate her students and fellow art teachers not only on art, but the legal aspects as … Continue reading