Let’s Get Copyright Cookin’

I love Pinterest.  There is something productive feeling about creating your own mini-magazines showcasing your dream home, your ideal wedding or every tip you could find on treating your pets.  Let’s not forget the recipes.  When I am not talking about, reading or researching intellectual property issues, you can usually find me in the kitchen.  There is something therapeutic, almost meditative, to me about combining ingredients to create something satisfying.

Recently, I was asked by a fellow Pinterest lover if the recipes on the social media platform were subject to copyright protection.  I responded – there is a blog post for that!  In this time of making plans for big meals, let’s revisit one of my most popular posts My Secret RecipeCan a recipe by copyrighted?  What can you protect in this day of Pinterest if you have a dream of making a cookbook?  Let me know what you think!  Keep reading, posting comments in the Comment section below and Stay Tuned In!

My Secret Recipe 

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