Posted in October 2014

Truth in Alcohol Advertising

A really fun part of my day job is I get the opportunity to review copy related to underwriting spots and promotional material. Broadcasting rules and regulations, like any area of the law, are forever evolving. As you can imagine, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, for my non-broadcast readers) can be blamed for regulating a … Continue reading

How to Find & Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney

How to Find & Hire an Intellectual Property Attorney

Each year the National Association of Broadcasters selects a small group of people to take part in their year-long Broadcast Leadership Training program. Participants travel to Washington D.C. one weekend a month for a year to learn the ins and outs of media management and ownership. Topics include everything from engineering to valuing properties to … Continue reading

Copyright Ideas Keep on Turning

The House of Saucier loves Saturday Night Live! We wait in anticipation about who is going to be the hosts, musical guests and the announcement of the new cast members each season. Even when the sketches are bad and miss the mark, they have an inherent goodness about them that allows society to laugh. But that … Continue reading

Grooveshark Lost The Groove

Earlier this week, music service Grooveshark lost the groove.  And, by lost the groove – I mean found itself in the sixth circle of hell I like to call Copyright Infringement Land.  A federal judge in New York ruled the online music service infringed upon thousands of copyrights. Grooveshark came before online streaming services, such as Spotify.  … Continue reading