Feature Friday – Revisited

When StatuteofRyAnne.com first started, I featured an artist each week I really admired.  The genesis was because there is SO much talent and great creative projects coming out of the South.  Just look at the film Get On Up, the story of James Brown, recently released in theaters and filmed almost entirely in Mississippi.  Or, the #HappyMS short music collage film showcasing Mississippi’s landscape, people and diversity made by independent filmmakers in the Jackson, MS area.



All of the artist featured here have Southern ties and something to say about the creative world from a business and creative standpoint.  Plus, they all have thoughts on intellectual property issues.  For my attorney readers, I think it is refreshing to hear how IP rights are viewed from those of us who are a bit removed from thinking about copyright and trademark law issues all day, day in and day out.  In an effort to seek out new talent and perhaps start this up again, I thought I would re-highlight some of my favorites.



Feature Friday – Tom Beck

New Picture (4)


Feature Friday – Willie Bearden

Feature Friday – It’s a HEADRUSH

Willy Bearden


Feature Friday – Jason Turner

Feature Friday – Susan Marshall

Feature Friday – Grits with a Side of Soul



Feature Friday – Christopher Dean, Part 1

Feature Friday – Christopher Dean, Part 2

Christopher Dean_3

If you know of anyone who would be great addition to this group, please share their information in the Comments section below.  I would love to talk with them.  Be sure to Stay Tuned In!

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