Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my blog! Happy Birthday to my blog! Happy Birthday my little nerd project, Happy Birthday to us! In case you were wondering, yes I am celebrating today by sporting a sparkly tiara (albeit imaginary because I’m not certain my boss, Ronnie Agnew, would be okay with such a display on a Thursday).

I do not think it is a coincidence that on the week of this blog’s birthday one of the biggest copyright cases was argued at the Supreme Court of the United States. In case you are new, HERE is my earlier post on American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo, Inc. It has been an exciting week.

The questioning from the Justices seemed to indicate leaning towards more of the side of the broadcasters than the company Aereo. In fact, there were several pointed statements made towards Aereo. Justice Sotomayor said “…if I take a phonograph of a record and duplicate it a million times the way you’re doing it, and I then go out and sell each of those copies to the public, then I am violating the Act [Copyright Act]. So why is it that you are not?” Chief Justice Roberts stated, “I’m just saying your technological model is based solely on circumventing legal prohibitions that you don’t want to comply with …” Those were the most pointed. You can read the entirety of the transcript from the oral arguments by going HERE. The New York Times also did a nice piece found HERE. A decision will be issued sometime in July. For my money, I’m betting with the broadcasters for the win.

I have had so much fun visiting with you all this past year. Let’s look at the facts. Statute of RyAnne has nearly 1,300 followers each week. I have delivered over this year 63 separate posts ranging in topic from film to books to broadcast to childhood movies to Thanksgiving television specials, but always centering around entertainment and intellectual property law.  Visitors have stopped by from 55 different countries! There have been over 1,000 Facebook and nearly 800 Twitter referrers. I’m still surprised my husband wants to read it, let alone all of you. The biggest thing is that I have a whole bunch of new friends across the world who have taken part in the conversation and care about copyright and trademark law as much as I do, if not more. For that, I am thankful.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for commenting.

Thank you for emailing.

Thank you for educating me.

Thank you for Staying Tuned In!

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8 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday congrats. I have really enjoyed this educational as well as entertaining blog. Can’t wait for the second year to begin. Keep educating us.

  2. Jenny, I agree. Best intellectual property blog I’ve ever followed! Seriously, it’s a great read — It strikes the perfect balance of being informative yet interesting and easy to read.

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