How to Host an Intellectual Property Celebration!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Next week is packed full of intellectual property milestones, including a U.S. Supreme Court argument, World IP Day and a milestone for me! It’s pretty much my inner-nerd’s Christmas morning, birthday and Spring Break all rolled into one.

First, there will be a U.S. Supreme Court argument on Tuesday, April 22, over the Aereo devices. I discussed the devices in great detail in my post What is Aereo? Why Should I Care? Since that post, there have been many amicus briefs filed (over 40!) by parties with varied stakes in the outcome, not the least of which was the one filed last month by the Solicitor General representing the government’s point of view. It will be a battle royale over the rights of broadcasters versus the new technology of cloud storage. For a more thorough analysis of the arguments you may hear from both sides, be sure to read Aereo to Face Uphill Battle in Supreme Court in The Hollywood Reporter. Their summary of the major issues is just so wonderful that anything I said would be duplicative. Be sure to check it out.

World IP Day is also next week on Saturday, April 26. The theme for this year is the celebration of movies – “a global passion.” World IP Day will be celebrated across the world with one of the biggest events in Geneva, Switzerland by way of a film festival. You can find out more about World IP Day by going HERE. HERE is a listing of events taking part in the United States.

Last, but certainly not least, is the birthday of Statute of RyAnne blog! For my readers who have been with me since the beginning, you will remember the official launch happened last year on World IP Day. The official date for Statute of RyAnne is next Thursday, April 24. It has been an AH-MAZING year. You all have been such a joy to ask questions, give me topics to write about, tweeting my random thoughts about intellectual property/entertainment law and commenting. Let’s not forget reading! I write with the intention every week of sharing information that will be fun and informative to the masses and creators of content. I hope it has helped each of you in some small way.

To that end, I have a challenge for each of you in the week ahead! If you look to the right of the screen, near the top, you will see I am a bit over 1,200 subscribers. I would LOVE to reach 2,000 subscribers by the blog’s birthday of next Thursday. If you are reading and have not subscribed, please do. If you like what you read, send out an email to tell a friend about it, post something on Facebook or tweet about this blog.

The more conversation we have about these issues the better it is for everyone. Due to technology advancements and social media, we are now living in a time where everyone is a creator and should be taking to steps to learn about intellectual property. We are all creators. Thank you for helping me to create this and hopefully (fingers crossed!) reaching the 2,000 milestone in only one year.

What has been your favorite posts or parts about this blog this past year? I want to include some of you all in a special post next week. Take part in the comment section below and Stay Tuned In!

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