Walking the Legal Tightrope in Film

This past week I have been busy preparing for a talk I am giving at Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, Mississippi.  It is a great festival complete with good food, good music, great movies and wonderful southern hospitality.  For my film industry readers,  you should consider submitting your projects to this festival.  You can find out more about Crossroads Film Festival by visiting THIS link.

My preparation gave me the opportunity to visit some earlier posts dealing with aspects of the film process.  If you attend my talk at 2:30 p.m. at Malco theater in Madison, Mississippi this Saturday (April 5) some of these ideas will be discussed in more detail.  If you’re unable to make the trip, below are some posts that really get to the heart of the balance between telling a good story and walking the legal straight and narrow.

1.  Free Music Licensing for Film.  This post introduces readers to a free music licensing source from Grammy® winning artist Moby.  It also outlines the basic ideas behind video synchronization licensing.

2. How To Buy Film Rights. What are my options? I love it when readers write in or tweet to me their questions! I’m always looking for ideas about what you, my readers, think is important.  Read this to learn how option agreements work with examples.

3. It’s Alive! It’s Alive! – Mummifying Copyright Law. Did you know that the characters you develop also may receive copyright protection? If you had any doubt that strong character development is important, then you will be doubtless after reading this.

4.  Top 5 Tips for Licensing Film Content. I have been the requester and been the person people requests rights from.  This post outlines ideas, guidelines and things to follow when licensing content for your film.  It also happens to be one of the most read posts on this blog.

5. Feature Friday Posts.  If you look to the right of this screen in my Category Cloud, you will see Feature Friday. Click on that and all of my Feature Friday posts will come up.  I am so fortunate that several filmmakers throughout this year have taken the time to talk with me about their projects.  I learn something new from them too!

I look forward to perhaps meeting some of you this week.  Be sure take part in the Comments section of each of the posts and Stay Tuned In!

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