Top 10 Countdown of 2013

I love a good countdown show.  Whether it is the Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Fashion Mistakes, Billboard Hot 100, I Love the 80s or my childhood weekly favorite of Casey Kasem’s Top 40, I absolutely have to know who is Number 1.  I blame all of this on too many Sunday afternoons with my hotpink boombox, blank cassette tapes and my desire to “play radio,” as a child.

To close out the year, and for those that have recently found the blog, I thought I would host my countdown show.  The Top 10 list was derived from statistics received on my viewed posts from this year.

I give you – THE. TOP. 10. BIGGEST. STATUTE OF RYANNE. HITS. OF. 2013. Yes, if you were wondering – in my mind Casey Kasem is providing the voiceover for that last part.  Let’s get started.

10.       Copyright Law – A Dream or a Nightmare?This post discusses everything you ever wanted to know about Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech, which happens to still be under copyright protection.  I also discuss a bit about how the 1909 Copyright Act and the Copyright Act of 1976 work together.

Washington D.C.

9.         Hollywood Celebrities in Books So, you think you might want to include a Hollywood celebrity in your latest book?  Read this before proceeding any further! Find in this post words of advice, caution and things to consider. 

8.         Show Some Southern Hospitality, Mr. Faulkner My views on the case Faulkner Literary Rights v. Sony Pictures.  A case this past year where Sony Pictures received a victory over the William Faulkner Estate by using a fair use argument. 

7.         Trademarks in Television: Recipe for Disaster? Part 1 and Trademarks in Television: Recipe for Disaster? Part 2

These two posts tied for the 7th position on the countdown.  The first talks about how trademarks can take different shapes, sizes and sometimes even bottles.  Part 2 discusses tips and words of advice for filmmakers when out filming and how to film trademarks.

6.         Imagine Lennon Endorsing a Business One of my favorite posts! The topic for the week came from one of my readers and followers.  A local newspaper where he lives ran a print advertisement featuring John Lennon.  Do you think proper licensing from the Lennon estate was sought or used?  Click on the link above to find out.


5.         Explicit Sex Coming to a T.V. Near You Should the FCC lighten up and let broadcasters just put out whatever they choose on television?  This entry is one of the most commented posts! I suspect it is because, surprisingly to some of my readers, Fox Television was the entity filing a comment with the FCC requesting that the FCC leave indecency up to the individual broadcaster.

4.         Feature Friday – It’s a Headrush  I love that I get the opportunity to feature my artist friends who are doing amazing work.  Here I talk with new filmmaker Johnson Thomasson about his new film Headrush.  If you like murder, mystery and a bit of science-fiction then check out the film.  Thomasson also had interesting thoughts on the entertainment business.

3.         Feature Friday – Susan Marshall  For my money, it just does not get better than Susan Marshall.  A fixture in the Memphis music scene, she has lived a lifetime performing with the likes of Lynyrd Skyndrd, Lucinda Williams and the North Mississippi Allstars – just to name a few.  You must read this post and check out her music.


If this was a normal countdown show on television or radio, this would be the point in the show where the Ryan Seacrest type character would tell you that we are getting close to announcing who is Number 1.  The anticipation would be built, there would be dramatic music, perhaps flashy editing of all the blog posts.  Imagine it, if you will.

2.         Feature Friday – Christopher Dean, Part 1 and Christopher Dean, Part 2

What happens when lifelong friends both get to live their dreams?  Read these two posts and find out!  These two posts tied for second place with equal readership.  Christopher received a guest appearance on ABC’s past season of The Bachelorette.  He did his choreography thing as only he can do.  In these posts, he gives valuable advice about what to expect if you are interested in the entertainment business and some life lessons learned.

Christopher Dean_4

AND now for Number 1.  This post received the most readership out of all posts in 2013.  It was born out of insomnia, but helped shed a light on what I feel is an injustice being done to one of America’s treasures.

And for our biggest blog post in the land, I give you …

1.         To Kill a Trademark Registration

If you are looking for an intellectual property southern tale, then look no further than this post.  Author Harper Lee’s trademark application for the title of her book To Kill a Mockingbird received dispute from none other than the museum in the county where she grew up and lived.  I’m interested to see how this turns out.

So, that’s it!  The Top 10 biggest Statute of RyAnne blog posts for 2013.  Thank you for reading, tweeting, emailing suggestions, commenting and sharing.  Please continue to send me ideas!  I love to include what is relevant to you.  Putting this together is one of the highlights of my week.  There are great things in store for 2014. And as Casey always ended his shows – Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.  Stay Tuned In!

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