Pass the Intellectual Property Stuffing

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU to each of you.  We reached a milestone a few weeks ago in surpassing 1,000 subscribers!  It’s true; check it out to the right of your screen under “Don’t Miss an Update.”  My goal was, and still is, to make intellectual property/entertainment law accessible and understandable to creators of what I believe to be our most valuable assets – music, film, books and art. I am truly overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I have received since starting this blog earlier this year.

With 43 posts under my belt, I decided to re-visit some of the most read posts dealing with Thanksgiving/Holiday type themes.

1. Trademarks in Television: Recipe for Disaster? – Part 1

2. Trademarks in Television: Recipe for Disaster? – Part 2 

These posts explore trademarks and their use in television.  It also discusses how trademarks can take many forms outside of just simply a name.

Balsamic Bottle Back

3.  Price of Fashion.  Here I discuss how buying “knockoff” designer goods hurts the fashion industry and steps some are taking to curb this problem.  When you’re out shopping for holiday gifts, it’s a cautionary tale to buy from genuine retailers.

Coach Bag

4.  Intellectual Property, the Muppets and Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga is back on Thanksgiving night with a holiday special complete with the Muppets.  Unbeknownst to me, Kermit and the rest of the Muppets gang first influenced my decision  to study intellectual property law.  A crazy connection I realized several months back.  Read more about my journey in that post.


5.  My Secret Recipe. I know y’all have those family members who will do anything to not share their “secret recipes.”  I’ve got them too! This may help in your persuasion in order to get that highly guarded “secret recipe.”


May your Thanksgiving celebrations be joyous, fulfilling and one to remember.  This year, I am thankful for each who have subscribed, read, shared, commented, gave me an idea, emailed, or tweeted a post.  The best is yet to come.  Stay Tuned In!

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2 thoughts on “Pass the Intellectual Property Stuffing

  1. Ryanne You really put a lot of Meat on the bone this week. Thanks for filling us up with a gigantic meal of great knowledge. Happy Thanksgiving from The Reverend Leroy Jones

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