Posted in October 2013

My Secret Recipe

My Secret Recipe

Imagine a few weeks before Christmastime in the Duffie house – twinkling lights on the tree, the females start meticulously planning and coordinating the meals to celebrate this season and somewhere daddy T.D. is making more than one trip a week to Sam’s Club. There is not just one meal during the holiday season. Oh … Continue reading

It’s ALIVE! It’s ALIVE! – Mummifying Copyright Law

Did you know that separate from a book, play or movie characters in those creative pieces can also receive copyright protection? It’s true. One of the early cases defining this idea is Nichols v. Universal Pictures Corp in 1930. Judge Learned Hand recognized that characters could receive copyright protection; however, he did so with something … Continue reading

More than a Shaker of Salt

A fellow lawyer friend who just might love music as much as I do (the jury is still out on whether that is true or not 🙂), shared with me an article about the song Margaritaville. The basis is that the song is quite possibly the most lucrative song in existence. The article went onto … Continue reading

Government Shutdown and Copyright

Late on Monday afternoon September 30, the Copyright Office released the results of a study that was two-years in the making.  The report deals with the idea of establishing an alternative system for settling smallish copyright disputes outside of filing in federal court.  Y’all know my inner copyright diva did some backflips over this news when … Continue reading