Posted in August 2013

Copyright Law – A Dream or A Nightmare?

  I’ve been thinking a lot about big dreams lately. Every great idea, invention, story or plan starts with a dream and the vision to accomplish that dream. I personally think that a dream is one of the most powerful things in the universe because all else stems from that one creative spark. I guess … Continue reading

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s annual convention.  And, while all of my speaking engagements are important, this one held a special place in my heart because of my history with the organization.  It was part learning, part instructional on my part and part homecoming. As some … Continue reading

How to “Cut” It In the Music Industry

I found myself at a Bryan Adams acoustic concert this past week. I know what you’re thinking. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Bryan Adams? That’s the one.  Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams? Yes. The Bryan Adams that Cuts Like a Knife? Yep – all one in the same and an enjoyable Sunday night. Throughout the … Continue reading

How to Buy Film Rights

One of my readers wrote in and wanting to know more about Option Agreements.  And, since I am always taking requests, the subject of today’s post centers around the Option Agreement for the film world. An option agreement is exactly what it sounds like.  In plain terms, the option period is the film business’s version … Continue reading