Feature Friday – Bachelorette Season Finale

When I am not reading or writing about intellectual property issues, my guilty pleasure is reality television.  There is something about it that pulls me in.  In college I was a faithful follower of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series on ABC.  Graduating from undergrad, life, law school and being newly married, unfortunately, curbed me tuning in for several seasons.  However, when I found out one of my very good friends would have a guest appearance this season, I just HAD to tune in.

This upcoming Monday is the Season finale, and we will all find out if Des has found true love.  I really hope she has.  She seems super sweet.  In honor of that, I am revisiting my two posts from earlier on Christopher Dean!  He had a lot of great information about the entertainment business, lessons learned and overall advice.  His posts are definitely worth revisiting.  Click on the links below and enjoy.

Feature Friday – Christopher Dean, Part 1

Feature Friday – Christopher Dean, Part 2

Thank you, again, to Christopher for answering my questions.  Do you have someone who you think should be featured?  Contact me on the “Stay In Touch” tab.  I’ve been told that following is a healthy alternative to bubble gum/trashy blogs. 🙂

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