Copyright Policy and YouTube

Sometimes there is NO better way to get your point across than by using puppets. As I mentioned in my post last week, I love YouTube. It’s a great vehicle to get your message and content out to the masses.

Some of the most frequent questions I receive deal with posting creative content on YouTube. What type of permissions are necessary for YouTube? Do different rules apply for licensing and creative content since it does live on the internet? And, what exactly is a takedown notice? Luckily for you, YouTube created and released a great little video that covers these basic concepts. Of course, I would LOVE your specific questions, so be sure to pose those in the Comments section below or via the Stay In Touch page.

Take a few minutes and watch below.

What did you find helpful about this video? What questions do you still have? What experience have you personally had with posting information on YouTube.  If you liked this post, please share it and click the FOLLOW button above to get more!  You can find me on Twitter, @RyanneDSaucier, where I am constantly sharing information related to entertainment law and intellectual property. Take part below and Stay Tuned In!

2 thoughts on “Copyright Policy and YouTube

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