Fair Use and Disney

Some of the questions I get asked the most center around the concept of Fair Use.  What is it?  How it can be applied?  How can it not be applied?  And, generally – “Ryanne will I get in trouble if I do [fill in the blank with any number of examples that you can think of].” 

To give you a basic idea of how Fair Use works I searched out some examples via our friend the internet.  What I found is pretty accurate and I think breaks down the concept really well.  And, it uses Disney movies and characters to boot!  You know I’m going to like that.  🙂 

Disney Castle

Admittedly, I’m a little mad that I did not think to do this.  It really is clever.

Here is A Fair(y) Use Tale.  Click on the link, watch and discuss.  

What are your thoughts on Fair Use?   Any specific questions? Stay Tuned In.

Walt and Mickey

© Ryanne Saucier 2007

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5 thoughts on “Fair Use and Disney

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