World IP Day

Today is the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day in Washington, D.C. While the official day is two days later on April 26, America will take time to celebrate today. The first World Intellectual Property day was held 43 years ago in 1970. The goal was for countries with their varied, and sometimes contradictory, laws to come together each year and discuss how the creative world looks and how protections can be offered on a global scale.

As a creator of work, you are probably thinking – why should I care?

Now more than ever, this is a day and a global event where people should take notice about the conversation that is taking place. If you are a filmmaker, author or inventor, you are no longer creating works to simply show at your hometown theaters, place in local bookstores or sell at your community hardware store. The discussions had at events like this could and very well may impact how you do business and on what scale.

Here is the link to the events at the Library of Congress:

Here is a link for more information about World IP Day:

Sit-up, take notice and join in the conversation. It’s an exciting time for intellectual property. Stay tuned.

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